Lucky Dog, Champcar and Lemons Cages

Chump Car and  Lemons has become very popular across the Nation with races held in the US, Canada and Mexico. Now with the start of Rat Race and Roll-X With 12+ races coming up in 2012 in the NW alone there is time to join the fun. 

Racetech can build you a very high quality Chump Car/ 24 hr Lemons Roll Cage. Racetech offers a single price for a Chump like Rollcage. For a bit more we can make the cage SCCA legal to run in IT-J.

No reason to settle for a lesser quality pre-fabbed kit or a home built cage.  Call or E-mail for a quote! Just because it is a Chump/Lemons your Roll cage does not have to look it. 

Custom Seat installation

Racetech Motorsports can do custom seat installions for your Street or Race Car. Adjustable sliders available along with local contacts for Sparco and OMP race and street seats.

503-839-8071 or Email me.

Custom Poly carbonate windows

Custom Poly Carbonate windshileds, side, back glass and aero availble.