C6 Corvette Convertible Custom Roll Bar

Customer brought in his Convetible. He is planning on running the 2014 Silver State Race and was required to have a Roll Bar. He wasn't  happy with the pre made bar options and was referred by the Silver State Head Tech to contact me. 

We looked over all the options and came up with a bolt in with 6 mounting locations to gain as much strength as possible while keeping the car streetable and useable. Main hoop has a proper diagonal in the top section and also better angles for the rear stays.

I did trim a little of the interior to fit the bar. By doing so I was able to gain an extra 2" of head room and 1" leg room. All the interior is in and the top works as the Factory designed it. 

Bar was powder coated by a local Company that did a great job. Customer and Head Tech are very happy. 

Custom Seat installation

Racetech Motorsports can do custom seat installions for your Street or Race Car. Adjustable sliders available along with local contacts for Sparco and OMP race and street seats.

503-839-8071 or Email me.

Custom Poly carbonate windows

Custom Poly Carbonate windshileds, side, back glass and aero availble.