C5 Corvette SCTA (Salt)

Customer brought this C5 in with a roll cage already installed after going to Bonneville and failing tech. We had to remove it for him and fabricate a new one that would pass SCTA tech. Cage had bad bends, welds and wrong material. 

New cage  facilitates driver along with removable top. 

We also had to install removable door bars  to facilitate the Driver's impairment. Car has been to 2 Bonneville Speedweeks with good results. 

Custom Seat installation

Racetech Motorsports can do custom seat installions for your Street or Race Car. Adjustable sliders available along with local contacts for Sparco and OMP race and street seats.

503-839-8071 or Email me.

Custom Poly carbonate windows

Custom Poly Carbonate windshileds, side, back glass and aero availble.